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 Migration to New Zealand is more than a stamp in a passport, and at Edutrust we believe that we are more than just a New Zealand immigration service provider and work beyond helping the clients for a smooth transition. The healthy environment and political stability of New Zealand has the greatest appeal for migrants.


Edutrust a Chennai based Educational Consultancy offers the clients full range of immigration services that suit the requirement towards obtaining their visas.There are many and different categories where your background and experience are taken into consideration to lodge an application for a suitable visa to New Zealand.

In the recent years New Zealand has attracted increasingly number of immigration applicants and the country has become a sought after destination among many professionals and businessmen who are keen to migrate to New Zealand for better prospects and different life style. The flow of people into this country is regulated in terms of those who will benefit the country economy as well as those looking for a new home.


New Zealand is seen as a land of opportunity, offering all the material advantages of a modern, industrialized state responsive to inventiveness and hard work, while blessed with an unspoiled landscape and coastline for the un-pressured pursuit of sport and recreation. The country is technologically advanced; it is a progressive democracy renowned for the quality and competitiveness of its farm and manufactured exports, its capacity to initiate social and economic advance and the general prosperity and sporting prowess of its people.

The current Immigration Policy facilitates quality migrants to come to New Zealand for mutual benefit. People having police convictions and / or major health problems may not be successful in their Permanent Residence application. The Immigration policy for New Zealand is presently is in favour of married couples, especially if the applicant and spouse hold graduate and / or Post Graduate qualifications which a compliant with the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

Skilled and business migrants account for at least 60% of the immigration program, with premium points allocated for job offers relevant to a person's qualifications or experience, favoring those who are seeking work in skilled and professional fields.

Immigration New Zealand facilitates the entry of visitors, students, workers and permanent migrants.  There are different types of New Zealand visas and work permits for those who wish to make New Zealand their home. New Zealand employers are looking for skilled migrants, who are talented and have skills that are in short supply and New Zealand immigration rules are mainly focusing on inviting the skilled migrants to come  to here, so if you are talented and have skills that are in short supply, for you.

If anybody wishes to lodge an Immigration visa to New Zealand, the applicant should have relevant qualifications to the work experience and the right documentation helps the process. Also, English Language Skills are a must and the New Zealand Immigration Service will require an IELTS score as evidence of the language skill held.


There are different ways to migrate to New Zealand:


New Zealand Skilled Migration Visas, New Zealand Business Migration Visas,  New Zealand Family Migration Visas,  New Zealand Humanitarian visa,  New Zealand Temporary Residence visas,  Silver Fern Visa Category (New in 2010).


Normally, your arrival must be within 1 year from the date of your medical tests or police certificates, which occur during the processing of your residence visa application. So, if you deduct part of the official processing time, you will generally be left with 6 to 12 months to land in New Zealand. The exception is for temporary visas, such as work visas, in which case you may only have a number of months to enter the country.


If you are interested in migrating to New Zealand, please fill out the Assessment form which is found in our website and we will assess your eligibility and advise you how to proceed further.


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