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American education has formed a niche for itself that has sustained years of trying and testing. Some of the salient features of USA as the study destination are:

Highest international acceptability and reputation

As an investment in your future, a U.S. degree offers excellent value for the money. A wide range of tuition fees and living costs, plus some financial help from universities, make study in the United States affordable for thousands of students

Students have the freedom to choose from various courses within their university and have a choice of migrating from one institute to the other. Beyond the classroom walls, countless extra-curricular activities give students a chance to develop leadership skills and community spirit. U.S. universities promote outside-class learning through varied social, cultural, and sports activities

Jobs and stay back options

Top Ranking Institutions – almost half of the top 100 Universities in the world are in USA

Opportunity of practical training during or after study

Financial Assistance – available for meritorious students

International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during their course and 40 hours per week during their vacations

They can make up to 9 to 15 $ per hour

An F-1 student is generally entitled up to one year of post-completion practical training. Authorization  for this type of practical training may be granted for a maximum of 12 months and starts once you have graduated or completed your course of study


Why Apply through Edutrust?

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 Our Services for USA:


  • Comprehensive preparations for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE**.
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  • Customized course according to students strength and weakness
  • Regular assessment of progress
  • Unlimited doubt sessions*


  • Shortlisting appropriate institutions as per students profile
  • Application processing
  • Asisting students to put together powerful SOP’s & essays* and final editing
  • Assisting with visa process & advising on documentation
  • Pre-departure information and orientation

 Application Process and Deadlines in the USA:

 When it comes to university-level education, North America (including USA & Canada) inspires the academic respect and imagination of the world. Names such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Toronto and McGill have become global education brands.

In the two most influential global university ranking indices (The Times Higher Education Guide and US News), North American universities have a near monopoly on the top 100 places. In addition to the more well-known institutions, the USA & Canada have a plethora of other high quality public and private colleges and universities.

You will find that a US / Canadian higher education adds considerable value to your professional development. It can enhance your career and prepare you for leadership in India or abroad. It will broaden your horizons and expose you to a variety of perspectives, the latest technology, and state-of-the-art research and training. A degree from a US or Canadian institution is a stamp of excellence that is of lifetime value.

There are a number of components in an application for higher studies in USA / Canada – applications forms, test scores, essays, university transcripts and recommendations.  You need to know how to create a compelling application and represent yourself well on paper in order to win an interview and acceptance.

Maximize your chances of admission to the Universities of your choice with Study Overseas Admissions Guidance Service. Our admission guidance team will review your application to ensure you make the best possible impression on admissions committees. Consulting is available as a stand alone product or as part of a package with classroom coaching.



 There are mainly two intakes- Fall (August) and Spring (January)

Fall is the major intake as all the university options are open for admission  unlike Spring when certain choices are not available.

 Application Deadline- The deadline for submitting the application varies from university to university and course to course. However, it is generally from October to March for Fall intake and for spring intake the deadline is 15 October.

The basic requirements for the application are the LOR, TRANSCRIPT, and FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS when you apply


Application documents-

Students have to apply online both for Bachelors as well as Masters and each University has a different fee.


For Undergraduate:

 • Sealed & stamped 10th, 11th and 12th Official Transcripts from school

2 letter of Recommendations from school teachers.

Statement of Purpose

Certificate of extra-curricular activities & other achievements, if available

For Masters:

Official Transcripts from University

2 Academic recommendation and 1 from the employer (if the candidate has any work experience).

Statement of Purpose

Essays,  if required by the University

Detailed CV.

Certificate of extra-curricular activities & other achievements, if available.


Cost of Studying in USA:

 The cost of education in the USA varies between the states and the institutions.

Average tuition fees per year range from $15,000 to $60,000 (Private Institutions) and $10,000 to $20,000 (State Institutions)

Living expenses per year – $10,000-$16,000 USD.

 USP of USA as a place to live:

The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising of 50 states, a multicultural nation with variety of ethnic groups, traditions and values. It’s one of the most favored study destinations for millions of students around the globe. To top it all, US universities offer extensive opportunities for education and internship.


Estimated expenses for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses comprises of two things:

Tuition Fees

Living Expenses



Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships are based on the student’s academic performance of international students. Tution Fee waivers are provided but are strictly merit based so students don’t have to fill any separate form like federal students can do so for availing need based scholarships.

Further, Financial Aid funding is also granted at PG level but again this strictly depends on the students’ credentials.

There are various types of scholarships offered.

Fellowship scholarship – This scholarship is awarded on the student’s ability, competence and performance.

Graduate Assistantship Scholarship – Is awarded for the students who involve in teaching or research assistantship. It can be given as cash, stipend or fee waiver. This is normally called RA or TA.


Tuition Fees in USA:

In the USA, tuition fee largely depends on whether you plan to study at a Public or Private Institution (refer to the difference between public and private Institutions here).

Estimated tuition fee (per year):


Private Institution: $15000 to $30000 per year. At some Universities, it could go beyond $ 40000 per year

Public Institution: $10000 to $20000 per year

Community College: $8000 to $12000 per year

Note: The tuition fee is different for different universities and varies widely with courses and popularity of the Institution. It can vary from as low as $ 5000 per year to as much as $ 50000 per annum for some private universities


Living Expenses in USA:

Estimated Living Cost: $10000 to $12000 (per year). An average of $700 to $1000 per month should be considered as safe

This includes your accommodation (room and board), travel, food, some books, some clothing and may be some entertainment expense too.

Please find below a range of costs that have been considered while estimating the above listed living expenses:

a. Books and study materials will cost $500 to $1000 approximately per academic year

b. Travel costs within the US will be between $300 and $700 approximately

c. Room and Board will cost between $3000 and $7500 approximately per year. Allow an additional $1000 to $2000 for vacation periods when the dormitory might be closed

d. If you will be living off campus, the cost of renting an apartment will be between $300 and $600 a month, but could be much higher contingent on the location of the school. Meals should cost about $2500 a year.



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